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Cholesterol Drug War: What if it’s all a lie?

We’ve been told that medications to lower cholesterol can save lives. And now over 40 million worldwide take drugs to lower their cholesterol.

But what if the majority of these patients won’t benefit from taking these pills?

And, what if drug companies are distorting the data to make cholesterol lowering medications seem more effective than they are?

Dr. Maryanne Demasi puts the billion dollar drug industry under the microscope, and asks who really benefits from taking cholesterol lowering medication?

U.S. Statin Drug Fraud Uncovered In Australia

ABC News in Australia has done an incredible investigative report on cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, daring to expose organized crime in the pharmaceutical industry in the U.S. This is an area where no mainstream media outlet in the USA dares to go, due to the influence of the pharmaceutical industry.


In this excellent investigative documentary, “Heart of the Matter Part 1 & 2″,  cardiologists are interviewed to reveal the fraud of cholesterol-lowering statin drugs, and the criminal activity that has allowed this class of drug to become the best-selling drug class of all-time.

Expert Cardiologists Reveal…”Not A Single Study Showing Statins Lengthen Or Save Lives.”

Some of the top cardiologists in the U.S. have stated that there is not one single study showing that people who take statins will actually live longer. This fraud is now coming out into the open.

Professor Beatrice Colomb, Internal medicine at the University of California San Diego states, “It is a fact that pharmaceutical companies are practicing scientific fraud and it’s a fact that it’s organized crime.”


Professor Rita Redberg, a world renown cardiologist at UCSF, states, ” the only people that live longer from taking statin drugs are those who have already suffered a heart attack or stroke.”  She further states, “Out of these people, only 1 or 2 out of 100 will benefit from taking a statin.  What people don’t understand is that the other 98 will get no benefit at all.  It is not going to reduce their chance of dying.”

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The Statin Hoax

Statin drugs are being prescribed not only to people with elevated cholesterol and LDL but are also to healthy people as a form of prevention.  Statin drugs have been linked with causing diabetes, alzheimer’s and other forms of dementia, peripheral neuropathy, cancer, and sexual dysfunction to name a few.


Many well informed cardiologists are speaking openly about the fraudulent research touting the benefits of statin drugs.  The unfortunate reality is that these well informed cardiologist, who stay on the cutting edge of research, are a small minority.  The vast majority of Cardiologist, Internal medicine specialists and family practitioners are relying upon their pharmaceutical reps to educate them.


I wish this were an over-exaggeration, but unfortunately the characterization is accurate.  In this day and age of Managed Healthcare, most doctors are akin to hamsters on a wheel.  In order to turn a profit, they must spend less time with patients, while increasing the volume of patients they treat.  This leaves little time for them to stay current with research.  It is human nature to follow the path of least resistance, and that path leads doctors to be educated and informed by pharmaceutical reps on the safety and efficacy (benefits) of drugs.  Does this sound like the best source objective information on medication?


It is important, for you as the patient, to question any drug your doctor suggests.  Look up the side effects of that drug.  Go to the FDA’s website to see if a warning (also called a ‘Black Box Warning’ has been issued on the drug.  Most people are lulled into complacency.  They believe that the side effects only affect a small percentage of people.  This is an inaccurate assumption.  Drug companies must list side effects because THEY HAVE BEEN SHOWN to happen in a great deal of people.

If you are taking a statin medication (Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Advicor, Mevacor, Simcor, Pravachol, Vytorin, Avastatin, Simvastatin or any other name with ‘statin’ in it) and have developed peripheral neuropathy, while on the medication, there may be a direct link.

Dr. John Coppola, D.C. and Dr. Valerie Monteiro, D.C.

This blog has been provided by Dr. John Coppola, D.C. and Dr. Valerie Monteiro, D.C. Dr. Coppola and Dr. Monteiro are the founders of the San Antonio Neuropathy Center, and Precision Sport & Spine. They are the leading experts in the field of neuropathy and specifically drug free nerve repair. They are the authors of the critically acclaimed book “Defeat Neuropathy Now …. In Spite of Your Doctor. The doctors have over 25 years of clinical experience.

If you would like to reach the doctors regarding a specific health problem, you may email them at [email protected].

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